DTZ: Set dates and times of files on Commons — source code at githubauthor's talk page.

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This tool edits the dates and times of files on Wikimedia Commons, using the DTZ template to display timezones. The date/times are taken from Exif and adjusted by the difference between the timezone set in the camera and the timezone at the place the image was created, as specified below.

Timezones can be specified either as a number, in the format HHMM, or as the name of a timezone from the TZ database. Using the TZ timezones will automatically adjust for daylight savings. The TZ names have the format "Africa/Abidjan"; a list can be found at List of tz database time zones. A numerical value can be positive for eastern timezones and negative for western. E.g., 1000 for Eastern Australia without daylight savings, or -800 for North American Pacific Time without daylight savings.

Camera timezone
Location timezone

Either a single file or a range of files can be edited. A range is obtained by using the upload order from the relevant user on Commons between the two specified files. The order doesn't matter. Note that if multiple files have the same upload timestamp as either the first or last file, all will be processed.

First file in range
Last file in range

If filters are specified, files will only be processed if the text appears as a substring in either the wiki source of the author field, or in the camera model in Exif. The matching is case insensitive. Only the first line of the author field is examined.

Author filter
Camera model filter

After pressing Submit, it may take some time before output appears. Edits are limited to one per five seconds, and can be examined in real-time at your contributions page at Commons. If you need to stop the tool, press the browser stop button, close the page, or revoke OAuth access at Special:OAuthManageMyGrants